How to Encrypt PHP Source Code?

PHP Obfuscate Source Code – Free

Encrypt php source code and protect from the nulled world.

  • Encrypt PHP source code and obfuscate the PHP source code.
  • Ensure only licensed people are using your PHP product.
  • Prevent your PHP product from the nulled world.
  • Increase the convertion rate by giving the trial license.
  • It is free. So please make donation and support for this project.
  • Easily encrypt WordPress plugins or themes.

Contribute and support Fork code from GitHub then make changes and create a pull request.

Encrypt php source code

Download The Encryption Source Code

Step 1: First, Download and install the file. This is a mandatory step. Because PHP engine needs to identify then functions bolt_encrypt and bolt_decrypt functions.

bolt_encrypt( file_name, encryption_key ) this will return encrypted_code.

bolt_decrypt( encrypted_code, encryption_key) this will execute php code.

Step 2: Download the PHP encryption script. Then change your source code path, encryption key, and excluded files.

Then run encryption script in your server or localhost. Please note, you should keep PHP source code to src folder.

Step 3: Then you can see a new folder created in the encrypted folder. The encrypted folder should have permission 777. Please note, you can customize the PHP encryption script how you want.

Download Encryption PHP Code

Submit the following form. Then you will get a download link to your email. You can change the PHP encryption script according to your needs.